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The Home and Office Group is a coworking space and community in Thomaston, CT. We are designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers, and more.

What do are members have in common?
We all know that we're happier and more productive together than alone.

Our members have a place to call home, and that's our coworking space. It is located at 12 Park Street, Thomaston, CT.

We're next to and across the street from our small town's most popular restaurants and bars, ideal for lunch and dinner, as well as client entertainment. Other great restaurants and entertainment are no more than a 5-minute drive.

We're a small co-working community, and occupy 850 square feet of workspace.

We currently have 4 open-area desks, with a mix of usage between permanent (full time) membership and different levels of flexible membership. We have 3 private offices located next to the open-area, 1 with a display window for great micro-retailing. Do you make or sell jewelry, crafts, candy, or whatever? You'll love that space.

We have power and gigabit ethernet run to every desk, and 802.11n dual band wireless coverage of the entire office, backed by cable internet that provides 20mbps down, 8mbps up.

We have lockers available for non-permanent members to store things in between visits.

We have a black and white laser multifunction printer that is available over the network, for your printing, scanning, and copying needs.

We buy and brew our coffee all day long, and do our best to keep the pot fresh. We also have a microwave for making warm lunches.

And most importantly, we have people. Some of the smartest, interesting, creative, talented, and driven people in the area, for you to work along side.


Basic $25/month
If you're coming to the Home and Office Group more than once a month, or attending our events, Basic membership is for you. As a basic member you'll get one free day per month, and a lower rate for additional day passes - $15/day.

Basic members also get free access to our Wednesday night "Night Owl" coworking sessions that start at 6pm!

Lite $100/month
If you're coming up to 3 days a week, bump up to Lite membership. A Lite membership gives you all the benefits of Basic membership with a savings on your monthly use. You'll become a core part of the community while retaining the flexibility to work elsewhere too.

Full Membership $150/month
If you want to make the Home and Office Group your home base, become a Full member with a permanent desk. As a Full member you get keys for unlimited 24/7 access to the Home and Office Group, and a dedicated place to set up your big monitors and park a filing cabinet. Everyone will look up to you, and fame and fortune are sure to follow.

Day Pass $15/members, $25/non-members
If you're just passing through, or need a break from your usual routine, work from the Home and Office Group for a day and enjoy everything our space has to offer. It's the perfect way to take the Home and Office Group for a test-drive before considering membership.

Night Owls Free with all memberships
Designed for night owls and moonlighters, Night Owl Coworking at the Home and Office Group will give you the chance to complete all those half-finished projects. Scheduled night shifts are every Wednesday from 6pm until at least 10pm, often later. If you're interested, email us!

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Office Hours

8am-6pm, Monday-Friday
Weekends by appointment as available
24/7 for Full Time Members

Night Owls

12 Park Street
Thomaston, CT 06787



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